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The three activities in any landscape design namely, Creation, Execution and Maintenance are best synchronized right from the inception of the project. To successfully execute a project, one has to demonstrate the ability to visualize and implement the design created by the planner. We at Samak have the technical know how, the human expertise and material resources, all available under one roof, for the smooth and efficacious implementation of turnkey projects. Our company is backed by one of the biggest and the most sophisticated nursery in India that possesses high quality plant material.

Landscape Work

Samak has a perfect blend of architects, engineers, horticulturist and craftsmen to execute project of any magnitude.

Landscape philosophy

Landscape is a realm where human finds his connection with Nature. It acts as a transitional space from outside to inside the building. In our designs we try to achieve that blend from nature into the built through Dynamism in Lines,Color,Textures, Patterns.


Once the site survey and brief has been completed. client meeting, design ideas are sketched and developed to form the basis for the finished design.