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Samak Environ

  • Adivision of samak company dedicated to and for large-scale commercial environment projects such as.
  • Hydroseeding for large scale projects
  • Environmental restoration
  • Tree care
samak landscape work
samak landscape work

We Provide Services

For over 20 years SAMAK has been serving the landscape industry with the highest standards. Our services were confined to landscape design & execution, lawn & tree care etc. With the advent of modern technology and mankind distancing itself from nature, there is need to restore our natural environment to how it used to be.


Residential, Commercial, Golf Course, Roadside, Right-of-Way, Governmental. If you need to seed at least 1/2 acre or more, this is the ideal way of seeding. Our Hydro-Pump System will spray a custom mixture of grass, seed, fertilizer and wood fiber mulch within you property's boundaries. We can mix seed to your specifications or devise a mixture to fit your site.

Hydroseeding is an installation specialty that fulfills a variety of landscape needs: erosion control plantings, seasonal color, environmental mitigation and turf : from residential lawns to golf courses. Proper care of a new hydroseed can be summed up in two words: Water It. But like any other aspect of hydraulic seeding, there's more to it than that. Hydroseeding lifts the glass of the greenhouse and spreads the seed flat over acres. The surface must be kept even at all times until the seed germinates and new plants have grown on for a minimum of two weeks : not soggy, moist, and never, never dry. A new application will cut you no slack for Santa Anas or dead backup batteries in the clocks. Seeds that have begun the process of germination and then dry out, die.


Our mission is to provide private landowners, environmentally conscientious businesses, residential developers, commercial developers, with the tools needed to restore the environment related to horticulture, soil and water conservation and restoration.

  • We can help Residential builders, commercial, golf course, Highway etc. with consultancy to build
  • Natural environment installation and conservation.
  • Woodland Restoration including removal and herbiciding of invasive weeds.
  • Reseeding with grass.
  • Water conservation.
  • Soil improvement and conservation.
  • Stream Bank Stabilization/Erosion Control.

We provide full support for tree and shrub care. We have the technical expertise and resources to provide utmost tree care including

  • We can help Residential builders, commercial, golf course, Highway etc. with consultancy to build
  • Tree Pruning : carried out scientifically to maintain the balance in the eco-system
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Spraying & Root Feeding